‘TrueCrypt is already running’ what to do

I use Ubuntu and every second start I get this message while starting truecrypt, ‘TrueCrypt is already running’. I know it’s not running. I’m sure I haven’t started it. The problem is if you don’t cleanly finish your last truecrypt session the lock file stays in your home directory and tells truecrypt at its restart that a session of truecrypt is still running.

So we just need to delete this lock file to start our new truecrypt session:

rm ~/.TrueCrypt-lock-USERNAME

Replace USERNAME with your username.

If you want to do it the gui way go to your home directory, pres Ctrl+H to show hidden files and delete it!

11 thoughts on “‘TrueCrypt is already running’ what to do

  1. Thank you! it was so easy…

    Al público español, aquí encontraréis como resolver el problema cuando al activar TrueCrypt os salga “TrueCrypt is already running”.

  2. Thanks. This solved my problem. How did you learn that and do you know why OS’s are not programmed to fix that on reboot?

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