Installing the Vbox Guest Additions to a debian lenny vbox

If your using virtual box its very nice to have the guest additions installed on your vbox system. It changes the vbox systems resolution according to its window size, copy and paste from vbox to main system and you don’t need to push an control button to leave the vbox system. Another nice feature is the time synchronization and the shared folder.

Vbox Guest Additions doesn’t run out of the box at your lenny installation. There is a debian package available, but if your using a newer virtual box version this package will not bring you all features.

So first you need to mount the Vbox Guest Additions image.
Devices → CD/DVD Devices → VboxGuestAdditions.iso
mount vbox guest addition iso
After this open the terminal in your vbox and become root. You have to install the linux-header and the linux-source files. With these packages several other programs like gcc and make will be installed.

~$ su
~$ aptitude install linux-headers-YOURKERNEL
~$ aptitude install linux-source-YOURKERNEL
~$ sh /media/cdrom/
~$ reboot

If you don’t know YOURKERNEL use

~$ uname -r

YOUR_SYSTEM is x86 for 32bit debian and amd64 for 64bit debian.

If your resolution doesn’t change with the window size go to
Machine → Enable Guest Display Auto-resize

4 thoughts on “Installing the Vbox Guest Additions to a debian lenny vbox

  1. You will get an error saying “Could not find or Xfree.86 on the guest system”. This is because we are running the server edition and have not got an window manager e.g. KDE or GNOME installed!

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