NetBeans or other as Arduino IDE – Leonardo

Last month I got my arduino leonardo. I had really few time to get into it but the first thing disappointing me was the very minimal IDE delivered with it. I use Linux Mint and there are many alternatives described on the net most didn’t work for me.

I use netbeans daily so I wanted to write my code with auto completion and automated compiling plus uploading. I managed this with a tool called ino.

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‘TrueCrypt is already running’ what to do

I use Ubuntu and every second start I get this message while starting truecrypt, ‘TrueCrypt is already running’. I know it’s not running. I’m sure I haven’t started it. The problem is if you don’t cleanly finish your last truecrypt session the lock file stays in your home directory and tells truecrypt at its restart that a session of truecrypt is still running.
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